Bayan-Olgii, Mongolia

Kosan for CanatBayan-Olgii is home to unique cultures, stunning scenery, and diverse wildlife. Eagle hunting, traditional Kazakh culture, and nomadic herding live in the shadows of the highest snow-capped mountains and largest glaciers in Mongolia, along with countless wild species including bears, wolves, foxes, eagles, wild sheep, ibex, and the illusive snow leopards. Explore this land by foot, horse, camel, jeep, mountain bike, or whitewater raft. Climb its many mountains and maybe even ski down one. Discover Bayan-Olgii and have the adventure of a lifetime.

This website was developed by the Bayan-Olgii Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with local tour operators and businesses. We aim for this to be the most accurate and up to date source about Western Mongolia available. Mongolia has the fastest growing economy in the world and many sources have quickly become outdated. The 8th edition of Lonely Planet Mongolia was published in 2018. The Brant Travel Guide Mongolia was published in 2004 (there was no restaurants and 1 hotel in Olgii then). Other good sources are wikivoyage and wikipedia.

Kazakh instruments472px-mongolia_olgii_sum_map

Direct flights from Ulaanbaatar are available on Hunnu Air and Aero Mongolia. Air fare can be booked online at and

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