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Bear Valley Adventures LLC is a small tour operator and ger camp that specializes in Eco-Tourism. They are a joint Mongolian – Australian partnership with the Mongolian side run by Akhmaral Siyez, a Kazakh Mongolian from Bayan-Olgii. As a life long resident and experienced tour guide, she knows plenty of Kazakh, Mongolian, and Tuvan families and eagle hunters for cultural experiences, and can speak English, Kazakh, Mongolian, and Russian. All guided have First Aid training and tours have been tested to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience of a lifetime.

They are genuinely committed to provided tours with authentic experiences of the Kazakhs’ unique culture and the beautiful nature combined exciting adventures like river rafting and mountain climbing. Tour options include cultural experiences, eagle hunting, fishing, cycling, trekking and hiking, kayaking and other river exploration, hang-gliding, and horseback riding. Tour packages are either private custom trips or group tours. Contact Bear Valley and they can assist with the whole process from booking airplane tickets to visas to providing vegetarian meals.

Their ger camp in Olgii has aims to meet Western expectations and is serves as a much needed return to civilization after a few days in the Altai. It guarantees hot showers, messages, fast wireless internet and computer stations, and real coffee. The restaurant at the camp makes Kazakh, Mongolian, and international cuisine, with a stocked bar and VIP rooms.

2 thoughts on “Bear Valley Adventures

  1. I booked a tour with Bear Valley Adventures and I´m really glad about my choice. Their are a very small family company and treated me as a family member. I loved my experience in Olgii and Altai Park with them. I extremily recommends this company for my fellow adventurers 🙂

  2. 4 friends and me went with Bear Valley to Tavan Bogd National Park. We asked about a hiking trip from the base camp to the great lakes in the south of the park. Knowing apparently little about the area, Ako, the tour operator, told us that it would be possible to do the hike in 3 days. She also sold us 5 horses and a guide.

    When we arrived in the park and wanted to pick up the horses, they were not available. Thus we started walking towards the lake. Then the locals told us it would be impossible to reach the lakes within 3 days but only in 8 days. In the end we had to cancel the whole hike and had to take an expensive driver to the lakes.

    When we tried to contact Ako about the money she would have to pay back to us (for the horses and the guide), she did not answer our calls and was out of town (for days) until we all had left Ulgi.

    Thus all in all an embarassing and selfish way of Ako to make some extra money.
    I would strongly recommend to go with another tour operator. Cheap does not pay out in this case.

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