Blue Wolf Ger Camps (Olgii and Sagsai)

Blue Wolf Travel operates two ger camp, one is 1 km south of the Central Square, and the other is in Sagsai village near the Hovd River (27 km west of Olgii, and site of the Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival).

The Olgii ger camp has hot showers and free Wifi. There is a restaurant on site that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with Kazakh, Mongolian, and European meals. They also provide shuttle service to the airport. Gers are either single, double, or multiple occupancy.

Olgii rates are per bed, $10 for a double occupancy ger, and $20 for a single bed ger. Big gers with 3 to 4 beds are $5-7.

inside rest1 ulgiicampj

Sagsai rates (subject to change during Eagle Festival):

_________ Ger/Hot shower          Breakfast        Lunch               Dinner       Package

Group                       $12                         $5                   $7                     $6              $30

Tourist                      $15                        $5                   $8                     $7               $35

Guide/driver          1000T                  3000T          5000T            5000T          23000T

 ulgiicampj  sagsairest2


1 thought on “Blue Wolf Ger Camps (Olgii and Sagsai)

  1. I offer cooperation with you company. See please Website:
    I offer to include in one of your tours visit of my base (2-4 days or more). If there will be a tour UB – Huvsugul (or other point), the visit of base “Urumiin gol” is optimal on return paths in UB without a stopping in Erdenet.
    Andrey Buzunov.

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