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-Blue Wolf Travel is a full service tour operator with a wide range of services and tour offerings. The owner, Canat, has been a tour guide since 1994, and is fluent in English, Russian, Mongolian, and Kazakh. Some of his clients over the last 9 years are National Geographic magazine, Outside magazine, Patagonia, American Falconry, Atlanta, and UK International Falconry. Blue Wolf employs a small staff of guides, cooks, and drivers that are skilled at offering a safe, fun, and adventurous experience. They provide over a thousand guests annually with an safe, unforgettable trip without serious incident. Blue Wolf aims to help to use tourism to bring economic and social development to western Mongolia and raise awareness of the unique natural and cultural resources of the area. To do this they work with local nomadic families to ensure they benefit from tourism and sponsors the Altai Nomad’s Festival in July and the Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival in September to highlight Kazakh eagle hunting skills, local cultures through performances, handcrafts, concerts, horse games, archery on horseback, horse- and camel-racing. They also aim to extend the travel season by providing tours in winter to watch wildlife, witness eagle hunting, ice fishing, and snow skiing.


-Blue Wolf operates a ger camp and restaurant in Olgii (1 km south of Central Square, go right intersection for 100 m). Another ger camp is located in Sagsai (25 km west of Olgii, site of Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival). Hot shower, laundry services, Wifi internet, bar and restaurant at both. Restaurant serves Kazakh, Mongolian, and International food, and can accommodate vegetarians.

-Tours in Chinese, Kazakhstani, and Russian Altai, and all parts of Mongolia.

-Offers personal customized tours, fixed dates tours, and unguided tour packages.

-Can assist with visa, hotel, train and plane ticketing.TsambaTrek

Contact at:

Phone: (+976) 7042 2772


Skype: Canattour


5 thoughts on “Blue Wolf Travel

  1. You need to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality websites on the web.
    I am going to highly recommend this site! mitsubishi starmex aircon review

  2. Had a terrible time with Blue Wolf Travels. I found them to be completely unreliable, unprofessional, disorganized and untrustworthy. I would NOT recommend this organization — Mongolia is such a lovely and beautiful country and travelers should not allow a careless and amateur travel company (like Blue Wolf Travels) to ruin the experience. By all means, people should visit Mongolia but only with a reputable travel parter!

    • Can you mention some specific incidents which convinced you to write your review about this tour operator?

  3. I was in Olgii with Blue Wolf in September 2015 and totally disagree with the comment of Pixie. Every member of staff were helpful, professional, totally organised and totally trustworthy. They not only planned an amazing time for me and my colleagues visiting Kazakh families and the Eagle Festival in September but when difficulties arose with flights they did all that was possible to assist us to complete out journey on time. I would unreservedly recommend them.

  4. Great experience with Blue Wolf Travel
    The opportunity to join a photography trip to stay with the Kazakh eagle hunters in Bayan Olgii in Mongolia was the trip of a lifetime for me.

    In September 2015, my wife and I were privileged to be able to join a small group of photographers, including former AIWC member Mary O’Connor, and travel to Olgii in western Mongolia where we stayed for several days with two families of Kazakh eagle hunters.

    The region of Bayan Olgii in the North-western corner of Mongolia is predominantly ethnic Kazakh (indeed many people moved from here to Kazakhstan in the early 1990s), and many of them still live their traditional lives in yurts (gers) and “winter huts”, sometimes moving their herds of cattle, goats, sheep, and horses hundreds of miles from summer to winter feeding areas. Along the way, many of the men continue to hunt with their golden eagles.

    There are also a very small number of girls and women who hunt with their eagles. Indeed, we were able to stay one night with the family of the youngest female eagle hunter, who is only 14 years old but is already very famous (if you do an internet search, you will undoubtedly find many photos of her). Her name is Ashol-Pan, the only teenage female eagle hunter in Mongolia. She became famous when photographs, taken by the Asher Svidensky, went viral on social media. We had the privilege of meeting her family, sleep in her parents’ home and Dolores was even given a lesson in milking cows by Almagul, the very cheerful and hardworking mother of Alshol-Pan who was at boarding school with her sisters.
    For two days we travelled by horseback to try some hunting with the eagle hunters. Then for another two days we attended a festival of eagle hunter games, where the hunters and their eagles showed off their skills in competition against each other. The events included eagle hunting skills as well as Buzkashi (which in this part of Mongolia is not a team event like the Kokpar here Kazakhstan but is rather a 1:1 tug-of-war), “kiss chase”, and even camel racing.

    Dolores particularly enjoyed the camel races, almost being run over by a pair of completing camels at one point. Without a doubt though her favourite activity was shopping and negotiating for embroidered Tuskiis (traditional embroideries done by the Kazakh women for decorating their homes) and other items in the outdoor market. She became so well known amongst the market sellers, that they recognised her in the streets of Olgii a few days later!

    For me however the most memorable events involved the eagles. It was amazing the watch the skills of these hunters and their birds and impressive to see these birds flying. Coming from the west coast of Canada, I am no stranger to eagles, but this was a whole new experience for me to be so close to these magnificent birds.
    I hope the photos provide a sense of the elegance of the hunters and the power and beauty of their eagles.
    Please note that this trip was, at times, arduous and conditions can be very basic; we slept together cosily with the families and other travellers, we went several days without showers, used very rudimentary outdoor toilets and were transported in the ubiquitous UAZ (УАЗ) van over very rough terrain – some nights brushing teeth was optional! We went in mid-September which can be cold, but exposure to sun is intense, but eagles can only hunt when the weather is cold. Being outdoors and exposed to the elements was a part of it we enjoyed, it was part of the adventure. We very much appreciated the opportunity to sleep in the same yurts our host families did, share their food and tea, having dusty hair, gritty teeth and being exposed to the elements gave us a real appreciate for the resilience and spirit of the people we met.

    Edits, travel notes & photography by Dolores Maisoneuve

    Flights: We travelled to Olgii return from Almaty on three flights; first leg was on Air Astana to Bishkek, then from Biskek to Ulaanbaatar on Turkish Airlines and then on Aero Mongolia from Ulaanbaator to Ölgii. Our return flight from Ölgii to Ulaanbaatar was delayed a whole day, these types of delays are to be expected in these smaller airports.

    Accommodations: While in transit to Olgii, in Ulaanbaator we stayed at the Ulaanbaator Hotel on Peace Avenue, about
    30 minutes to the Chinggis Khaan International Airport when there is no traffic! While we were touring we slept all together in the same yurts/gers and homes as the families.

    Travel company: Our travel company was called Blue Wolf Travel, owned and operated by Mr. Canat and his bilingual staff took care of everything while we were on tour with the eagle hunters. They can arrange any kind of tour you want, we were on a special photo-safari trip to take photos of the eagle hunters. Ignore what you read on Trip Advisor, go with an open mind, don’t expect perfection and be ready for adventure and it will be the time of your life! The National Geographic magazine uses this travel company, so you will be amongst experienced professionals. Here is the website:

    Other Links you may find interesting:
    An Article about Alsho-Pan: pan-eagle-hunter/
    Photographer Padraig Grant’s website:
    Artist and Photographer Mary O’Connors website:
    To download the original magazine:

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