Dostyk Hotel

The Dostyk Hotel is the newest hotel in Ulgii located on the central square. Its great location allows you to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the main square and the main streets. Dostyk Hotel has easy access to some of the top attractions, such as central square, bazaar, souvenir shops, and museum. Our hotel is welcome for business travelers and as well as guests who are on holiday.

Dostyk Hotel features that it is offering rooms on the highest tower of the city, with its modern decorations and professional services.
Besides hotel rooms, we invite you to check out our coffee shop & lounge on the 6th floor. There is also a full service restaurant on the 10th floor, supermarket, bank, shops, spa, and salon in the same building.



Telephone: +976 70100272

Address: MJS Tower, 7th floor, A-2 Olgii, Bayan-Olgii, Mongolia
In the large glass tower on the main square, enter from the west door.

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