Pamukkale Turkish Restaurant

Pamukkale_Rest (5)                  Open since 2005.

Authentic Turkish Restaurant that serves Turkish and Mongolian food. The menu included kebabs, soups, salads, chicken dishes, Turkish coffee, and Turkish desserts, as well as koumis (fermented mare’s milk) and seabuckthorn juice.
Located across the 100 m west of Tsabagarav Hotel.IMG_2814

Hours: 10am to 11pm Everyday.

No Alcohol served, VIP room available

Free Wifi Internet Available

KaziCiger soteBulbul yuvasiKuzuKebap

2 thoughts on “Pamukkale Turkish Restaurant

  1. Staying in the region several weeks, I so looked forward to eating at this restaurant when in Olgii. Clean, wonderful menu and all around the best place in town.
    M. Orenich, LifeImages Photography

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