Eagle Hunters

SAM_1501IMG_2128IMG_2138efest7Image (19)Image (12)IMG_2140 SAM_1504 dsc_2659.jpg DSC_2694Image (18)


SAM_0601 SAM_0675 SAM_1235 SAM_1234 eSAM_0620 SAM_0633 SAM_0641  IMG_0377 DSC00078a SONY DSCIMG_8252BOsummer 191 BOsummer 211 BOsummer 210 BOsummer 205 BOsummer 204 BOsummer 197 Bayan-Olgii 369 Bayan-Olgii 370 Bayan-Olgii 371Tavan Bogd Mountains 2 Pontuninii Glacier 1


site Site1 ScriptDSCN0017IMG_1198 petroglyphs (2)  Turkic burial siteShivet khairkhan 2 Standing stone Turkic standing stone Man Turkic standing stone man Turkic standing stone man   Shivet khairkhan1 deer stone 1


47 classic fish cl3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cl4 TsambaTrek OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtrek-joldabesttrekImage (13)trek-camp-site-sffftrekking-DSC00189

The People

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC P1020281 SONY DSC group sewing DSC_2670 DSC_2716Image (17) Image (16) Image (15) Image (14)BOsummer 215


Kazakh Eagle Hunter Kazakh instruments  Kazakh warriorsMongolian traditional dance and ger Kazakh elders   Kazakh concert2009 Mongolia 826kazakh traditional dance

Around Olgii

Pamukkale_Rest (5) DSCN0004 SAM_1670 SAM_1672 SAM_1673 DSCN0013 SAM_1674SAM_1675BOsummer 107 SAM_1678  SAM_1676Olgii 015BOsummer 108   Olgii 007

1 thought on “Photos

  1. Good morning.
    Simone Cima from Italy here.
    Very good website for sure!
    A simple question tough, as i find so me controversial info on the net…
    Is it still possibile to travel the Tavan Bogd NP WITHOUT a guide?
    For sure, it’s a mandatory to have Park and Border permit but can i freely visita the mountains near Hoton Lake by myself?
    Many thanks. SC

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