Places to Stay

There are several hotels and ger camps in Olgii, plus a few small ger camps located in Sagsai, Tavan Bogd National Park, and Tsambagarav National Park. (Ger camps are only open during the summer until right after the Golden Eagle Festival.

  • Blue Wolf Ger Camps– Located in Olgii and Sagsai. Both have hot showers and meals. Olgii location has a restaurant and WiFi.
  • Altai Expedition Ger Camp and Guesthouse– The ger camp is located 2 km west of the airport, while the guesthouse (opens Summer 2013) is close to the center of Olgii.
  • Bear Valley Ger Camp– Located 2 km west of the airport near the Hovd River, it has hot meals and showers, comfortable beds, and WiFi.
  • Tavan Bogd Hotel– 12 room, full service hotel located next to Kazakh Theater in center of town, just west of square.

More hotels will be added soon. Check back later.

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