There are several hotels and ger camps in Olgii, plus a few small ger camps located in Sagsai, Tavan Bogd National Park, and Tsambagarav National Park. (Ger camps are usually only open from June to October). Some of the hotels and ger camps, plus a few apartments can be found online on places like,, or their own websites. Others are available only in person or through tour-package. Vacancy is really only an issue during the Eagle Festival.


Hotels in Olgii can be divided into 3 clear categories; budget, full-service, and tourist-focused. Budget hotels mostly serve truck drivers and anyone else looking for a cheap bed. Full-service hotels offer nice rooms with hot showers, toilets, WiFi, and everything else you would expect in a hotel. There are currently 6 hotels in the “full service category”.

  • Dostyk Hotel: Located on the  6-7th floor of the MSJ Tower, the large 10-floor glass tower on main square. Features modern rooms with luxury amenities including a lounge and coffee shop on 6th floor and reception on 7th floor.
  • Duman Hotel: The oldest and largest hotel in Olgii. Located behind the Post Office on the south side of the square. Wedding hall and cafe on the first floor. +976 9942 1515
  • Eagle Dream Inn– a hotel next to Blue Wolf Ger Camp and ran by Blue Wolf Travel.
  • Eagle’s Nest Hotel– A guesthouse  located south of the central square at the end of the road (behind Tsamba II apartments). Rooms are double occupancy with bathrooms in each room. Breakfast and the offices of Altai Expedition on the first.
  • Makhsum Hotel New hotel located directly behind the theater (and its giant red tower). It has a restaurant on the 2nd floor with a wide variety of international meals.
  • Tsambagarav Hotel: Hotel located above the Tsambagarav Restaurant and Nightclub, north of the Square. +976 9905 8539
  • Tavan Bogd Hotel– 12 room, full service hotel located next to Kazakh Theater in center of town, just west of square.

Ger Camps:

  • Altai Expedition Ger Camp– The ger camp, located 2 km west of the airport in a quiet spot near the Khovd River, is run by Altai Expeditions.
  • Blue Wolf Ger Camps– Located in Olgii and Sagsai. Both have hot showers and meals. Olgii location has a restaurant and WiFi.
  • Bear Valley Ger Camp– Located 2 km west of the airport near the Hovd River, it has hot meals and showers, comfortable beds, and WiFi.
  • Travelers Guest House– Right off the AH4, behind a Rasjan petro station just south of the road to the hospital. The small ger camp with showers, indoor toilet facilities, WiFi, and breakfast has been operating for 15 years.

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