Tavan Bogd Hotel

tavan bogd hotel 7

Website: facebook.com/tavan-bogd-hotel/

Phone: (+976) 70423046                     (+976) 99429556

Email: Aydosolgey@yahoo.com

Owner speaks English, Turkish, Russian, Mongolian, and Kazakh

This modern 3 floor, 12 room hotel in the center of town, located across the street from the Kazakh National Theater just west of the square. The interior has been renovated in recent years and has a very clean appearance. This is a full service hotel with a restaurant, 24 hour front desk, and cleaning staff. Rooms come in 3 types; 4 simple rooms (shared bathroom), 4 semi-deluxe rooms (seperate bathroom), and 4 deluxe rooms (separate bathroom and sitting room). The hotel has on-site water boilers for year-round hot water, WiFi internet throughout, security cameras in public areas, secure locks, a 15-space car park, and 2 car garage.

The restaurant on the first floor serves Mongolian, Asian, and International food. It serves beer, coffee, soda, juice, and tea to drink. There is no bar in the hotel.

Prices: 30,000T for Simple, 45,000T for Semi-lux, and 60,000T for Lux.

tavan bogd hotel tavan bogd hotel 2 tavan bogd hotel 3 tavan bogd hotel 5

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