Things to do in Bayan-Olgii

Bayan-Olgii is a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy life under the clear blue sky with people that know how to live. From its scenic mountains, wild rivers, and abundant wildlife to petroglyphs, eagle hunters, and felt tents of nomadic gers; there is no other place on earth that offers the chance to experience life in such an unrefined form. The western-most province of Mongolia is not Disneyworld or New York; it is not a place for those whose idea of a vacation is an all-inclusive resort, a massage, and name brand shopping. What Bayan-Olgii does offer is a chance to get a truly unique adventure-packed experience that can include riding a Bactrian camel, climbing a 14,000 ft mountain, whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, spending the night with a real nomad, seeing 3000 year old cave drawings, and visit with an eagle hunter within one week. On the way back to the airport, you can get your massage and buy hand stitched Kazakh embroideries or Mongolian cashmere at a number of local shops if you still want the massage and shopping.

Activities in Bayan-Olgii include hiking, horse and camel riding, mountain biking, jeep tours, wildlife and bird watching, eagle hunting, fishing, hunting, archeological sites and cultural experiences, festivals, shopping, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, and skiing.

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